Google Analytics just levelled up!

We have exciting news today – the new version of Google Analytics is finally here!

Google Analytics 4 is the official name of what has been called “App+Web” until now, and is the default experience for new properties. It comes with new features that we can’t wait to dive into. Here’s our pick of the highlights from Google’s official release statement.

Key feature highlights

Machine Learning trends and alerts

The new Analytics will surface trends in your data like content and products seeing rising demand, calculate churn probability, and coming soon will even predict revenue from different customer groups.

New Google Marketing integrations

Improve your marketing ROI with deeper integrations between Analytics, Google Ads, and YouTube. By measuring your app and web interactions, conversions from YouTube video views can be seen alongside paid and organic channels.

Improved customer measurement

By using a combination of your 1st party User IDs, and Google Ads personalisation signals, Analytics will better understand who customers are when they interact with your website and apps.

Some of the gaps from App+Web have also been plugged – cross-domain tracking and IP address exclusions are now available, and eCommerce reporting is included.

We’re especially excited about new data management features. Events can be edited in Analytics so data can be fixed up, and 1st party data can now be uploaded and joined directly in Analytics.

Last but not least, real-time streaming to BigQuery is baked in. This was formerly a GA360-only feature so it’s a huge addition to the free version of Analytics!