As your analytics partners, DataTribe will ensure your digital analytics continues to be relevant, and implemented according to clear and structured systems.

We’ll also put in place systems to ensure that if  tracking breaks, we know about it quickly.

Governance pack

This provides the structure for everything we implement with you. A valuable reference point for what needs to be maintained and how anything new should be implemented, the governance pack is a living set of documents that are updated regularly as changes are made.

The pack contains:

Your tracking strategy

Campaign tagging convention

A convention for your marketing campaign tagging to ensure consistency, and to support alerts when campaigns aren’t tagged correctly.

Naming conventions

We’ll implement naming conventions for everything – from GA settings, to GTM tags, to data coming through in GA reports and Data Studio dashboards.

RACI model

We’ll provide a template for you to define how analytics gets managed within your organisation. This will help ensure that your analytics remains relevant and that changes go through checks to ensure it doesn’t break.

Tag auditing and monitoring

Organisations change and with them, so do their websites and apps. Getting alerts should anything break is critical.

DataTribe approaches tag health from two perspectives:

Automated auditing

Datatribe will implement automated auditing to:

  • Scan your pages and ensure that critical tags such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and Floodlight tags are applied across all pages.
  • Simulate critical user journeys tags are firing at each step of the journey and contain the correct information.

We can even implement this in your staging environment so issues are caught before changes go live and data is lost.

Tag firing monitoring

We’ll monitor how often your tags fire so any unexpected change triggers alerts for our team to investigate.

Privacy compliance

DataTribe can help you ensure you are meeting your privacy obligations and policies.

Cookie compliance

Cookie consent mechanisms ensure your website complies with privacy regulations such as GDPR. This means your tags (or the data collected by the tags) are connected to the consent options accepted by the user.

Personally identifiable Information (PII) monitoring

Sending PII to Google can result in deletion of your data.

Our monitoring system will scan your data for PII daily and alert you if PII enters your Google Analytics data.

Case studies

Freeview logo

“Freeview partnered with DataTribe for analytics due to their expertise, flexibility, and growth mindset. DataTribe quickly adapted to Freeview’s needs as a fast-moving industry.”

Jason Foden

Southern Cross

“DataTribe’s input into business and marketing strategies, as well as technical implementation, helped improve our data-driven focus.”

Amanda Stonex
Digital Manager

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