Make better decisions for your business.

Get data you can trust. Know what your customers are actually doing, so you can better plan and take action.

This is where it gets fun. With accurate data, you can reliably predict and measure customers behaviour, and drive business outcomes. You can continuously improve your performance while your campaign is inmarket. Make tweaks and redirect budgets as you track and measure the right areas.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation is one of the key ways we can extract value from implementation for our clients.

The work for data visualisation actually starts with the tracking strategy and understanding who the stakeholders are that are going to be using the dashboards, and what KPIs and dimensions have been identified as relevant to them to measure performance towards organisational objectives.

One we finalise requirements, we apply our deep understanding of the theory around communicating data to build wireframes or mockups so that all parties understand what the dashboard will look like and what interactive features will be available. Our experience working across many different industries allows us to leverage templates that can be adjusted to fit our clients’ specific requirements.

Depending on what implementation work was completed we will either use connectors for data sources, or connect to the database of unsampled data we built for you during our data integration work.

Whether your preference is for Power BI or Data Studio, or would like us to make a recommendation, we have a solid understanding of both these tools capabilities as well as experience implementing dashboards with them.

Our goal is always to build dashboards that don’t just report on historical performance, but also to include interactive features that add context and allow you to slice-and-dice the data to understand what is behind that performance.


Google Analytics has a lot of information and not everyone knows how to use it to extract exactly what they want.

DataTribe’s team is always available to help you extract any answers from the data that your team may have, whether this is a simple report, or a deep dive into exactly involving multiple layers or interactions with a final report detailing methodology, findings and conclusions.

Marketing audience strategy

With all the work we do around discovery, tracking strategy and implementation, we achieve a very detailed understanding of our clients goals, their marketing activities, their websites and mobile apps. This places us in a unique position to understand how to build different audiences that can be targeted and communicated with in different ways to increase conversions and reduce media budget wastage. These audiences can be activated within platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook to ensure consistent targeting and messaging.

Click Stream Analysis

DataTribe click-stream tools to deliver detailed insights around how users from different sources are using your website. With data visually overlaid on your website we are able to identify where your users are struggling and uncover unexpected insights around how different features are affecting conversion paths.

These insights typically result in suggested changes to the functionality of a website which we can help you test with tools such as Google Optimize, VWO, etc, so that you can be sure that suggested changes will lead to increases of the outcome you are looking for.

Case studies

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“Freeview partnered with DataTribe for analytics due to their expertise, flexibility, and growth mindset. DataTribe quickly adapted to Freeview’s needs as a fast-moving industry.”

Jason Foden

Southern Cross

DataTribe‘s input into business and marketing strategies, as well as technical implementation, helped improve our data-driven focus.”

Amanda Stonex
Digital Manager

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