The key to every successful digital analytics implementation is a measurement strategy that is aligned with your business objectives and activities.

DataTribe is able to leverage years of experience implementing analytics across many industries to provide a starting template for your strategy. However, ultimately, every business and organisation is different and therefore customising your tracking to fit your organisation will pay dividends downstream when it comes to reporting, insights, data activation and team buy-in.


Many organisations struggle with their analytics implementation because they don’t understand how it is relevant to them and how they are supposed to use it to drive improvements. This is very common. The reason they struggle is because the implementation may have come from a template or with little thought given to how that organisation works and what they’re trying to achieve. As a result the data may simply not be relevant or actionable.


DataTribe begins by getting to understand your business better, what tracking you have in place and how you feel about your tracking. The following are some of the tools we use to achieve this:

  1. Primary contact interview
  2. Google Analytics audit
  3. Google Tag Manager audit
  4. Digital analytics maturity assessment


Once we understand your organisation and your current analytics situation, our next step is to understand what your stakeholders need to help them do their jobs. DataTribe will organise a workshop with all relevant stakeholders where our primary function is to listen to what stakeholders are trying to achieve and what data they need to help them get there. During that session we will also try to educate on what is possible to do with analytics, which often is a lot more than the stakeholders expect!


Armed with all this knowledge, we are able to identify the key opportunities to collect and use data to either:

  1. Enable confident and informed decision-making within your team that leads to positive change and improved ROI
  2. Improve enablement of the data for downstream advertising platforms and other tools such as CRO tools where more relevant data can be used to improve personalisation when communicating with your customers


At the end of the process your organisation will have a living document that articulates what needs to be tracked, what business goals that tracking is aligned with, and what opportunities that data will enable. This lives in the governance pack that we provide to our clients, and as your organisation changes objectives and evolves, DataTribe will keep the document updated to reflect existing needs and opportunities.

Case studies

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“Freeview partnered with DataTribe for analytics due to their expertise, flexibility, and growth mindset. DataTribe quickly adapted to Freeview’s needs as a fast-moving industry.”

Jason Foden

Southern Cross

“DataTribe’s input into business and marketing strategies, as well as technical implementation, helped improve our data-driven focus.”

Amanda Stonex
Digital Manager

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