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A web analytics delivery shouldn’t end when the tracking is set up; it should end when the organisation is able to extract value from it. To get there, an organisation’s team needs to be on-boarded with Google Analytics as well as the custom implementation that has been set up. If there’s anything we find more rewarding than delivering a great web analytics implementation, it’s training others on how to use it; passing on our knowledge and seeing others “get” the possibilities that web analytics opens up.

Data Tribe delivers Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training courses for users of different experience levels. The programmes are typically delivered in-house so that participants are able to use their own data and situations. The style is interactive and participants are encouraged to ask questions, discuss real-life business problems and applications, and practice learnings.

Technical training is also provided for analytics tracking implementers.  An analytics implementation does not stand still:  As the strategies and tactics an organisation uses to improve performance evolve, so your analytics implementation needs to maintain pace with those evolutions. Data Tribe seeks to empower organisations technically as much as possible so that they are able to keep their data current and relevant.


Available as 101, 102 and 103 programmes, the Google Analytics User training aligns your expertise level with learning newer or more sophisticated applications of GA’s features and reports helping you:

  1. Improve your ability to create and schedule reports and dashboards with the data you need, and in the process save you hours of precious time.
  2. Generate insights from reports and improve your decision-making.
  3. Understand the next steps to improve your data, optimising your marketing ROI.

The technical programme is for anyone wanting to learn how to implement Google Analytics or customise their implementation further.

Although it helps to have web development experience, it is not a prerequisite.

The programme covers the different tracking hit types, how to implement them, and in what context.

Google Tag Manager improves the speed of tactical analytics setup because it helps you implement 3rd party marketing tags and Google Analytics without involving your developers.

Learn how to set up Google Tag Manager, find out about the different types of Tags, Triggers and Variables, and then learn how to apply them to improve your tracking.

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