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"DataTribe built and managed a well structured plan that helped our teams co-ordinate and implement tracking consistently across all of our platforms. Their team of experts were always on-hand to make the transition to smarter analytics a smooth and painless experience."

Tracking plan

While the strategy defines the “what” and “why” we track, the tracking plan defines the “how”. This is where we select the appropriate tools, methods and naming conventions that will be used throughout your website and mobile app tracking. In simple terms, we match the requirements of the tracking strategy to the features of the analytics tools we will be using.

Data layer

We highly recommend using a Data Layer and a tag management system such as Google Tag Manager as the foundation for your web tracking. Using a data layer instead of Google Analytics code offers a lot more flexibility to make changes while also being very reliable and robust. DataTribe will provide clear and detailed instructions for your developers. Once this is implemented we rigorously test it to ensure it is implemented correctly.

Google Tag Manager

Once the data layer is configured, if our clients are using GTM, we will configure Google Analytics and other platform tags correctly with a clear naming convention that goes into your governance pack. Again, we’re able to leverage templated containers and event tracking as a starting point for this process and then adapt them to meet your organisation’s tracking plan from there.

Google Analytics

DataTribe will configure all your Google Analytics settings to ensure the data gets processed as you need it and to deliver on the KPIs and segments defined in the tracking strategy. Much of this is done at scale through the Google Analytics management API to make the process faster and reduce cost for our clients. We run the data through a quality assurance process to ensure everything complies with naming conventions. We can help you with creating UTM naming conventions and a tool to generate the links.

Firebase / App+Web

If you have a mobile app, then Firebase Analytics (or Google Analytics Web+App) tracking code acts as both the GA tracking code and your data layer for use by GTM for mobile apps. Again, we provide clear documentation for tracking and once implemented, we test across iOS and Android.

Once the tracking is in place we can configure any additional tags in GTM and configure your Google Analytics App+Web settings to report the data you want and warehouse your data in Google BigQuery.

Data integration

A major challenge for many organisations is not the accuracy of their data, but that their data is silo’d in different places and it’s difficult to have a single source of truth where you can understand how customers interact with your organisation. DataTribe can help with this process either by integrating other data sources into Google Analytics, where it can then aid with your audience building for marketing purposes, or by helping centralise the data in a data warehouse. Some of the integrations we have helped clients with include:

1. CRM-GA integration

Importing customer data from CRM tools such as Salesforce and Hubspot into Google Analytics.

2. Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) tracking

Closing the loop between traffic sources that brought identifiable website visitors and conversions that then happen in-store or via the phone by sending those offline events to GA and joining them onto the user’s cookie.

3. Marketing data integration

Extracting data from APls of multiple data sources like Google Analytics, CRMs, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, DV360, etc and joining the data on defined keys in on-premise or cloud databases.

4. Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) implementation

Using tools such as Segment to build a data warehouse from data from website and app activity, CRMs, live chat tools, etc, and control how data gets sent onto platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.


While these items describe the key areas where we implement analytics our knowledge of analytics tools, marketing platforms and cloud computing, allow us to implement so much more that we can actually describe. 

Some examples include:

  1. Server-side GA cookie implementation
  2. Cookie privacy compliance implementation
  3. Unsampled GA data collection
  4. Customer satisfaction data integration

Case studies

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“Freeview partnered with DataTribe for analytics due to their expertise, flexibility, and growth mindset. DataTribe quickly adapted to Freeview’s needs as a fast-moving industry.”

Jason Foden

Southern Cross

“DataTribe’s input into business and marketing strategies, as well as technical implementation, helped improve our data-driven focus.”

Amanda Stonex
Digital Manager

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