GA4 training

We love sharing our knowledge. We live and breathe digital analytics – it’s not just our job, it’s our passion, and we want to inspire that passion in others.

Up-skill yourself or your digital team with an in-person or online training session. Our GA4 training programme provides a perfect balance of practice and theory. You’ll have explanations about the features, the new opportunities, and the pitfalls. But you’ll also be hands-on completing set exercises to get you using and understanding GA4 better.

GA4 training outline

  • Introduction to GA4 (and differences to Universal Analytics)
  • The GA4 data model
  • How to setup and configure a GA4 property
  • GA4 standard reports
  • GA4 Explore (custom reports) section
  • Creating audiences with GA4
  • GA4 product links (BigQuery, Search Console, etc)
  • Audience questions and use-cases

Learning objectives

  • Understand how GA4 differs from Universal Analytics

  • Understand the setup process and available options

  • Ability to find and understand standard reports

  • Ability to create custom reports that suit your needs

  • Understand how to use GA4 audiences for reporting and remarketing

  • What a GA4 setup might look like for your organisation

Why DataTribe?

DataTribe was launched in 2015 with a fresh perspective on, and a passion for, digital analytics. We provide no other marketing services. and are exclusively analytics specialists. Our ultimate objective is to educate, empower, and lead you throughout your digital analytics journey.

DataTribe is the official provider of GA4 training for the Marketing Association.

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The course is normally a 1-day course. However, it can be delivered in two half-days or adapted to suit your requirements. 

If you’d like to chat about our training, contact us on the webform below, book a call here or call 09 307 9322.